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The Threat of Misusing Antibiotics


Antibiotics are an effective remedy for bacterial infections. It also prevents the spread of diseases. However, many people tend to misuse this medication. Some would stop when there are no more symptoms and do not finish the treatment period prescribed by physicians and urgent care services in Modesto, California.

Some would miss a dose or skip an intake of the medicine. Others only take them as needed for relief. And that is alarming from the perspective of a health care clinic.

There are do’s and don’ts in taking antibiotics. If you don’t follow your doctor’s orders for your Medical Treatment, you might be in imminent danger. In the long run, misuse of antibiotics may result in antibiotic resistance.

Drug resistance is one of the worst medical concerns in the world. It happens when the medication does not work effectively against bacteria. It will be hard to fight infectious bacterial diseases. And if that happens, a person will require a longer span of treatment and higher expenses.

Antibiotics are not for viruses. It is not for sharing. It is not a pain killer that you can pop to stop your symptoms in a snap. It is a continuous medication that usually lasts for a few days. And if you keep misusing it, you will not attain the betterment you want to achieve. It is always better to follow an updated prescription from a Medical Clinic in Modesto, California.

In case you will need after-hours medical care, go to an institution you can trust. Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto is here to educate and provide you medical services – so you will be on the right track to wellness. Visit our location for your urgent care needs or call 209-251-0200.

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