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Preventing Sprains and Injuries in the Summer


The summer season is one of the perfect times to spend time outdoors with friends and family, whether engaging in recreational activities or taking a weekend getaway at the beach or anywhere else!

While increased physical activity benefits our health in general, it can also increase our chance of getting injured. Injuries can happen everywhere on the body during the summer, from a knee injury to a fractured ankle.

You don’t want to get medical treatment in the hospital and spend the rest of the summer there. Fortunately, you can avoid or lessen the risk of accidents and fractures this season by following these simple tips:

  • Begin with some warm-up exercises before engaging in any physical activity.

  • Wear protective gear when participating in risky recreational activities such as riding a bike or skateboarding.

  • Drink plenty of water, and don’t let yourself get dehydrated while you’re out in the sun.

You should seek help in a health care clinic as soon as possible if a powerful impact has hurt you or you’re experiencing physical pain interfering with your usual activities or sleep.

Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto seeks to provide quality urgent care services in Modesto, California, while treating all our patients and community members respectfully and with dignity.

We offer daily walk-in emergency and after-hours medical care for fever, stomach problems, severe infections, respiratory issues, and other urgent health issues.

You can visit our medical clinic in Modesto, California, for our services or talk to our team via call at 707-503-6100.

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