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Medication Management Tips for Seniors


Medication management can be challenging for seniors and the healthcare professionals taking care of them. The process can be complex sometimes but with proper medication management, dangerous drug interactions may be prevented in the future. For patients with medical conditions and illnesses, medication management plays a fundamental role in preventing multiple medical issues. Avoid potential health complications with these tips below.

  • Set reminders
    Setting reminders is key to keeping track of prescription refill dates and taking medications at the right time and the right way. Whether taking medicines are for medical treatment or health maintenance, you can adhere to it religiously by building a reminder system that best works for you.
  • Sort pills daily
    Taking multiple medication types can be confusing at times. However, organizing pills by the day of the week will help in simplifying the process. This way, you will immediately notice if you forget to take medicine for a particular day. In the event you run short of medical supplies, find a walk-in medical clinic in California for consultation and medication purposes immediately.
  • Watch out for potential side effects
    Side effects happen, especially when you switch to a new medication or start a new mediation routine. Watch out for dizziness, sleeplessness, fatigue, and stomach pain as possible side effects. If any of these happen, make sure to contact your physician right away or seek urgent care services in Modesto, California for a faster response to your concern.

Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto is a medical clinic in Modesto, California that offers urgent care services to patients, families, and the community. We provide immediate care from competent doctors to patients suffering from allergies, asthma, cold and flu symptoms, ear and sinus infections, and more. Contact us at 209-251-0200.

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