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Services You May Not Know Urgent Care Provides

Services You May Not Know Urgent Care Provides

When the thought of urgent care services in Modesto, California comes to mind, you most likely think about patients who got injured while cooking or people who have come down with a nasty cold.

According to a survey conducted by Immediate Clinic, about 3 million patients visit urgent care clinics all over the country each week and not everyone is aware of these three services walk-in medical clinics in California provides.

  • STI/STD Testing.

    Many urgent care centers offer this service, as it is important for people to take, even for people who are not sexually active. Many STIs/STDs go unnoticed because they often don’t produce any identifiable symptoms.

  • School and Sports Physicals.

    Urgent care clinics can conduct sports physicals, also known as pre-participation exams, for students and athletes planning to take on new physical activities.

  • Stitches and X-Rays for Minor Injuries.

Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto provides several services designed to help patients quickly get back on their feet and back on the path to feeling better. Contact us here for inquiries and other concerns.

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