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When to See a Doctor for a Cold Sore


We all know what cold sores are. These are small, annoying, and painful fluid-filled blisters that typically appear on or near your mouth and sometimes on your fingers. They can be caused by several things, including stress, allergies, fatigue, sunburn, and menstruation.

Most people have probably had to deal with cold sores at least once in their life, and we can all agree that having cold sores is a miserable experience. It’s hard to eat, drink, or speak.

We normally don’t think too much about cold sores. There are OTCs and home remedies that can help ease the discomfort and speed up the healing process. Having a cold sore doesn’t usually warrant a trip to a walk-in clinic.

But when is a cold sore considered “bad enough” to need urgent care services in Modesto, California?

According to experts here at Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto, if your cold sore comes with any of the following symptoms, then you should seek medical treatment:

  • You develop a high fever with chills

  • Your cold sores are very painful and greatly affect your daily life

  • Your sores are starting to spread

  • Your sores are not getting better despite using OTCs and other home remedies

We understand that you don’t want to visit the clinic just for a cold sore. No one likes waiting for long hours just for a quick consultation. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that at our Medical Clinic in Modesto, California.

Just walk in during operating hours, and our staff will take good care of you!

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