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Tips on Managing Seasonal Allergies

Tips on Managing Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergy or hay fever is an allergy that occurs in a particular season. This usually happens when the body’s immune system reacts to an outdoor allergen such as pollens from trees, grasses, and weeds. Common symptoms include sneezing, congestion, or a runny nose.

As a Medical Clinic in Modesto, California, Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto recommends these steps to manage your seasonal allergies:

  • Reduce exposure to allergens

    As a rule, prevention is always better than cure. So if possible, just stay indoors during dry and windy days to avoid getting exposed to pollens outside. And if you happen to go out, wear a pollen mask.

  • Keep the indoor air clean

    You can do this by having a dehumidifier at home or in the office. As a health care clinic, we recommend you to use a portable high-efficiency particulate air filter in your rooms. Just make sure to regularly maintain and clean the filters.

  • Over-the-counter medications

    If you happen to start experiencing some symptoms, oral antihistamines and decongestants are nonprescription medications that can help you ease your allergy symptoms. However, nasal decongestants should only be used for a few days because when used for a long time may worsen your symptoms. You can then visit your doctor for proper medical treatment.

If you happen to experience a severe allergic reaction requiring immediate attention, you can visit Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto. We provide urgent care services in Modesto, California for various medical complaints such as allergies, asthma, broken bones, and sprains, among others. For inquiries, you may call us or send us a message!

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