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Tips on How to Take Care of Your Child in a Cast

 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Child in a Cast

In a previous article, Progressive Urgent Care – Modesto gave an overview of what to do if your child got a fracture. Today, we will be providing parents and caretakers alike with the proper ways of taking care of a child after receiving urgent care services in Modesto, California.

  • Keep their cast clean and dry.

    Often, casts are applied with soft cotton underlining that absorbs water and will not dry, therefore, irritating the skin and can cause a dermal breakdown. Make sure to wrap your child’s cast before giving them a bath.

  • Don’t stick anything down their cast to help them scratch an itch.

    This can either cause increased pain of infection that may need different medical treatment or the device your using may get stuck in their cast.

    Watch out for these signs that indicate their cast might be on too tight:

    • Increasing pain
    • Numbness in the fingers/toes
    • Loss of control in the fingers/toes

Your safety is our number one priority, which is why our walk-in medical clinic in California is open and ready to serve you from 9 AM to 9 PM daily!

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